Gas Mobility Day CNG – LNG – Biometan, 05. 08. 2020

Gas Mobility Day  CNG – LNG – Biometan
Under the auspices of the Association of Towns and Municipalities of the Czech Republic

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dopis Ing. Lenky Kovačovské, Ph.D., výkonné ředitelky ČPS

The Gas Mobility Day will present a current and upcoming market of cars and trucks powered by natural gas (CNG, LNG) and renewable biomethane. This one day conference and exhibition event is prepared for businesses and entrepreneurs, state administration and local governments, political representatives and the media. Participants will have an opportunity to see the exhibited CNG and LNG cars, buses, trucks and filling technologies; consult with the manufacturers, dealers and operators; and familiarize yourself with the strategic objectives and development tools for clean mobility until 2030 in the Czech Republic and European Union.

Source: ČPS
Date: 3. 8. 2020

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