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Czech Republic: CNG consumption increased by 45.7% in 2015

Consumption of compressed natural gas in the Czech Republic’s transport increased by 45.7% year-on-year to a record of 43.59 million cubic meters last year, rising more than 12 times over the past 10 years, the Czech Gas Association (CPS) said in a press release.

The number of CNG vehicles grew by 4,000 on the year, reaching the 13,000 units. This growth of about 47% was the highest in history. Out of the about 13,000 CNG vehicles, 880 are municipal public transport buses running in 45 towns.

According to data from the Automotive Industry Association, a total of 7.07 million vehicles are registered in the Czech Republic. CNG vehicles thus account for less than 0.2% of the total number. “The Czech Republic has seen a fundamental positive development in the use of natural gas in transport. The consumption of CNG grows very fast every year. In the previous year it grew by 36%,” CPS board deputy chairman Jiri Simek said. “We are convinced that within three to five years there will be 200 up to 300 CNG stations in the Czech Republic and that the use of natural gas as an economical and most eco-friendly fuel in transport will keep accelerating markedly.” There are 110 public CNG filling stations in the Czech Republic, up by 35 year-on-year. In addition, some companies have their own private filling stations. There are about 3,300 CNG stations in the EU, and about 4,500 in the entire Europe.

Source: NGV Journal 
Date: 8. 2. 2016

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