Parking and car park structures

TPG 982 01
Equipment of garages and other parking facilities for CNG vehicles

This rule has been in effect since 1 May 2013

These technical rules lay down the requirements for the equipment of garages and other facilities that are used for parking (see ČSN 73 6058) CNG vehicles. They also lay down the conditions for design, construction and operation. The rules specifically lay down the minimum requirements for the installation of fire safety equipment in the said facilities and set out the conditions for the safe operating mode in such facilities.

These rules supersede TDG 982 01 approved on 18 November 2008.

Changes compared with the preceding TDG

These technical rules respond to changes in regulations, in particular Regulation No 23/2008, as amended by Regulation No 268/2011, and Czech technical standards, for example, ČSN 73 0804, ČSN 34 2710, ČSN EN 54 and ČSN EN 12845, and to a number of findings obtained from the use of the earlier technical recommendations. The rules specify and amend, for example, the requirements for mounting gas detection sensors and their co-operation with the working of the relevant ventilation system in multi-storey and underground car parks used for CNG vehicles. These rules contain completely restated fire safety conditions, which have been specified in accordance with the above-mentioned standards.

The technical rules have been consulted with the relevant state administration authorities and with organisations that address this issue. 

ČSN 73 6058
Single and adjacent garages and multi-storey and underground car parks (in effect since 1 September 2011)

Preceding standards superseded
This standard supersedes ČSN 73 6057 of 10 August 1987 and ČSN 73 6058 of 10 August 1987.

Under this standard, multi-storey and underground car parks and also, as of the date of effect, single and adjacent garages shall be designed. The standard lays down the constraints for parking vehicles powered by gaseous and other alternative fuels. A novel feature of the standard is its provisions on the general concept of automatic parking systems and also requirements for barrier-free use of structures.

The standard is intended for designers, administrative authorities, regional planning authorities (the land use regulation plan), building authorities and other organisations that provide their opinions on the designs of single and adjacent garages and multi-storey and underground car parks during the zoning process (or zoning consent; public contracts) and during the building permit procedure (or notification, public contract, summary building permit procedure).

The standard is applicable to the design of new structures of single and adjacent garages and multi-storey and underground car parks, modifications to completed structures of parking facilities (for example, refurbishment), changes of use of structures to vehicle garaging (primarily for passenger cars, and also for lorries, buses and, possibly, motorcycles).

In designing parking facilities for other types of vehicles (building machines etc.) and single garages for personal use, the following shall apply:

  • The parameters that influence the safety of road traffic and health protection (driver’s unobstructed vision upon accessing road traffic, fire safety protection etc.) shall be designed in accordance with this standard;
  • If justified, the layout of the parking facility and access road can adjusted to the vehicle categories intended for parking and the local conditions.

The key technical parameters of parking spaces and stalls in parking facilities are based on the requirements of ČSN 73 6056.

Ministry of the Interior Regulation No 268/2011 that amends Regulation No 23/2008 on the technical conditions for fire protection of structures (of 6 September 2011)

ČSN 73 0804
Fire protection of structures – Manufacturing facilities

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