CNG customer card

NGV owners can apply for a CNG customer card. The companies that are included in the system issue these cards. You can find the contact details for the companies’ specialists here:

Companies issuing the customer CNG cards

RWE Energo, s.r.o.
Michal Král
tel. 00420 721 868 133 

Pražská plynárenská, a.s.
Tomáš Rataj
tel. 00420 606 743 698 

E.ON Energie, a.s.
Alena Kubešová
tel. 00420 724 258 705 

Bonett Gas Investment, a.s.
Dušan Matúška
tel. 00420 737 252 757

Ing. Jan Kánský
tel.: 00420 737 252 767

Vítkovice doprava, a.s.
Ing. Jiří Kavala
tel. 00420 595 952 161

Vemex, s.r.o.
Tatjana Bondarčuk
tel. 00420 603 716 492

The specialists discuss the terms and conditions of contracts with potential customers, and train them in refuelling station operation.

Most CNG refuelling stations are unmanned and in operation for 24 hours a day. However, payment options using cash or bank cards are usually limited there. Using their customer cards, customer card holders can open access to the stations. When they refuel their vehicle they do not pay at the station. Once a month, they receive an invoice with an itemised list of all refuelling for the past period. If they fail to pay the invoice and do not even respond to requests for payment, their card is automatically disabled.

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